About Us

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About Us

NEAPOLIS was born out of a passion for fragrance, design and quality. With over 16 years of experience in the South African import, wholesale, and retail fragrance market, the owners of Eden Perfumes (the leading generic perfume brand in South Africa), set out on a quest to provide expertly curated home fragrances to the South African market.

Our mission was to tap into our love and passion for fine fragrance and into the knowledge and expertise of world-class oil suppliers in France. The end result is the beautifully packaged Neapolis Luxury Home Fragrance Range.

We currently have a range of 5 highly concentrated, unique scents that are available in either diffusers, room sprays or candles.

Our Story

Neapolis is a fictitious city, created by the brands’ owner, Alessio, to embody the opulent, luxurious and decadent home fragrance range that he has created.

Caught in the midst of a revolution and the imminent fall of Bourbon rule “The Leopard” prince of the Bourbons realises his social standing is eroding. He knows he is the last Leopard in the family and the last to understand and uphold the traditions of the old ways of his dynasty. He cannot stop the juggernaut, so instead celebrates his lavish customs as if for the last time.

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